The brand takes advantage of the Milan Art Week to preview two new products. And to inaugurate the collaboration with Oblong Contemporary Art

The Atelier Giorgetti in via Serbelloni is the ideal location to present the new collaboration between Oblong Contemporary Arte and Giorgetti during Milan Art Week.

In the rooms of the apartment, from March 29 to April 8, the layout includes the alternation of pieces from the high Giorgetti manufacture and the works of nine contemporary artists. The new setting is also the backdrop for two preview innovations: the Borealis screen and the collection of Montgomery chairs.

Roberto Lazzeroni is the author of Borealis, a piece of great craftsmanship that combines leather and metal to create an extraordinary visual effect. All of Giorgetti's production expertise shines through in the screen. Bands of leather sewn and finished by hand, held in tension form a twist that decides the density of the weft. According to Roberto Lazzeroni Borealis is an object designed to create small spaces of intimacy and indoor microarchitectures.

The work of Dainelli Studio for Montgomery points to a more contemporary style. The seats are made up of an ash frame that recalls soft curves, geometric openings and handcrafted joints. Polyurethane foam in different densities for the padding of the cushions, which hooks onto the back of the shell with an elegant solution.

Finally, art and artists. The works selected by Oblong are by Manu Alguerò, Mario Arlati, Stefano Bombardieri, Tiziana Lorenzelli, Flavio Lucchini, Cveto Marsic, Gianfranco Meggiato, Igor Mitoraj, Gustavo Vélez.

The choice of neutral color combinations, with lots of black and white, and the presence of gold in the works of Flavio Lucchini. The important presence of the works of Igor Mitoraj is combined with the irony and gentleness of Stefano Bombardieri and the works of him Gaia and the whale and Marta and the elephant.