Giorgia Molajoni, Director of Sustainability, Digital & Communication at Plenitude (Eni), talks about the partnership with Interni, the Feeling the energy installation and the strategies for becoming carbon free

Energy in its many forms is in a nutshell the concept of 'Feeling the Energy', the installation of Plenitude at the Botanical Garden from 6 to 13 June. The installation is the perfect opportunity to talk about the broad-spectrum strategies for the production of energy renewable and the sustainability of the company. We talked about it with Giorgia Molajoni, Director of Sustainability, Digital & Communication by Plenitude.

Let's start with Feeling the Energy: how did the partnership with INTERNI and the idea of the installation come about?

The collaboration with INTERNI on the occasion of FuoriSalone is a historic partnership, both for us and for Eni that has been going on for years. When we were presented with the project for the Design Re-Generation exhibition for FuoriSalone 2022, we immediately thought it could be a good opportunity to talk about energy in all its forms.

The theme of the exhibition is an invitation to 're-generate' after the pandemic. Just as energy is continuously regenerated by creating, thanks to the help of everyone, a positive circle made up of virtuous choices. Hence the idea of the installation: to make the power of energy visible and engaging.

What was the Plenitude brief for Carlo Ratti?

We wanted to create a unique experience for the visitor through which to discover the different possibilities of sustainable energy production. Together with CRA- Carlo Ratti Associati the idea of ​​an interactive installation was born, in which visitors discover and experience, in game dynamics, solar energy, wind energy, evaporative cooling, and even sound energy.

An almost mono-material installation. Why copper?

The project is made with 500 meters of copper to which the multinational producer KME contributed. It is a material characterized by a natural antibacterial property that makes human interaction with the installation safe, even on busy days.

Furthermore, again with a view to circularity and reuse of resources, the material will be recovered once the event is over.

Feeling the energy what do you really want to leave to the visitors of the FuoriSalone?

Feeling di energy is an interactive path that allows the visitor to have a direct experience of energy. We would like the visitor to bring home, in addition to the sensory experience, also a greater awareness of how alternative forms of energy are created. And the certainty that another future is possible thanks to everyone's commitment.

The collaboration between people is the real core of the installation: it is thanks to the synergy between human beings and nature that we are witnessing the production of a vital energy capable of moving our planet every day.

The result is a park where energy is produced while having fun immersed in a natural environment. How do we talk about alternative energies to the general public?

Already from the entrance, crossing the portal, the visitor is projected into an environment in which the symbiosis between the installation and nature is immediate and made recognizable by the sensory experience. Feeling the energy is conceived as a real path that accompanies the visitor on a journey through energy.

In the installation, energy reveals itself in different forms. Sound, light, wind: everything produces the energy we benefit from every day in our lives. Following the path, the visitor discovers, for example, how a sound is born, blowing on the elements of the living orchestra or playing with a xylophone.

In both cases it is the vibration that transmits the energy necessary to produce what we hear. Continuing, he finds the pinwheels that, pushed by the wind, move at different speeds according to the force impressed: the same thing that happens in systems powered by energy wind.

Finally, sunlight becomes electricity thanks to photovoltaic panels, potentially powering many of the devices we use every day.

Are renewable energies a practically viable solution? How important are the choices of people and companies in this sense?

At Plenitude we firmly believe that thanks to everyone's actions we can really make a difference. We want to be alongside people to rethink energy thanks to technological development, energy efficiency activities and attention to sustainability. We want to be enablers of the energy transition and we do so thanks to an offer of increasingly decarbonised products, which will become 1 00% carbon free by 2040.

Plenitude's contribution and commitment will be essential to achieve Eni's carbon neutrality goal by 2050. This is why it is important for us to raise awareness among our customers on environmental issues. Choosing an electric car, installing photovoltaic panels on your home, carrying out an energy redevelopment and using energy saving devices for your home are all actions that, if combined with the commitment of a company like ours, can really make a difference. .

What are Plenitude's strategies for the future on renewable energy?

Plenitude's goals on renewable energy are challenging and the commitment to reduce the carbon footprint spans several areas. From the increase in installed capacity from renewable sources, to the gradual decarbonisation of electricity and gas consumption, up to the offer of charging infrastructures for electric mobility and energy efficiency services.

As regards the production of energy from renewable sources, the installed capacity will grow from the current 1.4 GW to over 6 GW in 2025, exceeding 15 GW in 2030 thanks to photovoltaic, onshore and offshore wind farms , as well as storage projects. Already in 2022 Plenitude will be able to offer decarbonised electricity to all its residential customers and from 2030 also to all the companies in its portfolio. Plenitude is the leader in Italy in distributed generation from small photovoltaic systems thanks to Evolvere, the company acquired in 2020.

Not just renewables though. Will electric mobility also be a fundamental pillar of Plenitude's decarbonisation strategy?

Plenitude is unique on the market because it combines production from renewables, the sale of gas, electricity and energy services to private and business customers and a capillary network of charging points for electric vehicles. Through the subsidiary Be Charge, we currently have a network of over 7,300 charging points. The network will be expanded, both in Italy and in Europe, with over 30,000 recharging points expected by 2025 and over 35,000 by 2030, and will contribute to the national and European development of electric mobility infrastructures.

And again on the subject of mobility, this year we will be present at Fuorisalone 2022 also with our subsidiary Be Charge in via Tortona with a Design Hub dedicated to electric mobility, in which to discover, through an immersive journey, a real smart city in to have fun with photos, interactive videos and all the evolutions of e-mobility.