With an exhibition set up on the occasion of Design Week 2022, Illy celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of the Illy Art Collection designer cups

At FuoriSalone 2022 Illy celebrates its thirtieth anniversary anniversary of the Illy Art Collection, the cups born in 1992 and reinterpreted from time to time by over 100 international artists.

The tribute to the icon will be in the form of an exhibition , with an exhibition that tells the story of the famous cup at Around Gallery in Corso Venezia 6, in Milan.

With Illy, at FuoriSalone, it will therefore be possible to retrace the history of the iconic cup created by Matteo Thun in 1991 based on the company's brief: the visitor will be able to observe the sketches, the drawings and the original materials that testify the how and when of his birth.

"We are pleased to celebrate this important milestone that crowns the strong and long-lasting bond of the company with the world of contemporary art, with an event that will allow the public to retrace the history and genesis of the iconic illy cup.

An object that still manages to stand out, excite and be an active part of our everyday life, transforming the gesture of enjoying an illy espresso into a artistic experience"comments Cristina Scocchia, Chief Executive Officer of illy caffè.

Just as expected from an exhibition, it will also be possible to retrace the history of Illy Art Collections through a selection of pieces and decorations chosen from the 114 collections and 459 cups made since '91.

In fact, the entire collection represents a real source of contemporary art, one of the richest and most evocative currently available in the world.

The exhibition will also be an opportunity for direct contact and meeting between illy and the public, whether they are enthusiasts or professionals in the sector.

In fact, to pay homage to the visit, illy has designed an interactive installation that each participant will meet in the last room, at the end of the exhibition itinerary: it is called Take Me Home and consists of a large wall set up with numerous postcards depicting 30 of the most iconic Illy Art Collection cups. Each visitor can choose the most pleasing one and take away a small souvenir of the exhibition with them.

L’esposizione farà anche da cornice al lancio del libro illy Art Collection - 30 Years of Beauty (edito da Silvana Editoriale), una pubblicazione che ripercorre appunto tutti i pezzi della Illy Art Collection attraverso testi, spiegazioni, curiosità e un ricco apparato di immagini.

Il libro, con testi in italiano e inglese, sarà disponibile in Italia, proprio a partire dal mese di giugno, sull’e-shop illy e nei punti vendita monomarca (illy Caffè e illy Shop), su silvanaeditoriale.it e nelle principali librerie e bookshop museali.

L’esposizione sarà aperta al pubblico e visitabile dalle ore 14:00 di mercoledì 8 giugno fino alle 18:00 di venerdì 10 giugno.