FuoriSalone 2022 at 5Vie: the meeting between design and arts&crafts: design on the border, in dialogue with unique works and, above all, high international craftsmanship

The 5Vie district is the heart of design experimentation, the border between design and high craftsmanship.

But don't imagine tradition: 5Vie and FuoriSalone 2022 above all mean the search for new opportunities. And large quantities of beautiful and precious things. Luxury is done with your hands, around here. The ninth edition of 5Vie Design Week will take place under a bold title: Prototyping Utopias. A world map that does not contemplate utopia is not worthy of even a glance, wrote Oscar Wilde. The city thus becomes a laboratory to prototype possible utopias and to stage evolutionary hypotheses.

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What to see at 5Vie during FuoriSalone 2022: the selection of Interni

Little monsters / Scary beasts, Co / Rizom

5Vie Headquarters, via Cesare Correnti 14

To see why: the dilemma of the relationship between design and craftsmanship is nothing new. Is it possible to create micro-economies capable of relaunching the manual arts with respect? In theory, yes, but it is not simple and a strategic and contemporary project is needed. Co/Rizom, a Hungarian association, tries. The result of their programs, divided into creative pods made up of artisans, designers and business developers, gives interesting results.

The plus: the artisans involved in the Co/Rizom project all come from Central European countries. They are almost unknown but authentic realities, full of passion and talents. Co/Rizom masterfully tells them.

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HoperAperta, Absolute Surface

Hotel Ariston, via Carrobbio 2 and Sapzio Banner, via Sant’Andrea 8a

To see why: in the fourth edition HoperAperta limits the search for Italian designers, artists and companies to the creation of unique works or small series. Double exhibition venue for two slightly different exhibitions. On the top floor of the Hotel Ariston Absolute surface, Domestic cosmologies a collection of 13 unique pieces intended as symbolic forms of everyday life.

The plus: Hotel Ariston hosts the sound installation by Alessio Bertallot & Pointillism. And it is one of the first hotels in Milan that was refurbished in 1992 to be as sustainable as possible.

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Astrid Luglio, The guardians of the Erbert Garden

Erbert, Quasimodo square 1

To see why: Astrid Luglio has built a certain degree of visibility with Ladies' Room , a collective of female designers which also includes Sara Ricciardi, Ilaria Bianchi and Agustina Bottoni. Her latest works, however, are different, interesting because they are done independently, with measure and competence in managing the symbolic relationship between form and function. And around themes often linked to the relationship between food and objects. Also for FuoriSalone 2022, the two projects by Astrid Luglio concern food. Erbert and Eleit the two customer food brands.

The plus: food is a complicated subject. Or we talk about it too well, in a communicative excess. Or the Taliban talks about the supply chain and authenticity. Astrid Luglio's virtue is to put grace and balance into a theme that needs it so badly.

Etiquette, Buccellati

via Brisa 5

To see why: the historic Milanese goldsmith house gets involved in the arts of the table and asks the curator Federica Sala to curate an event capable of interpreting Buccellati mastery in a setting Contemporary. Dimorestudio, Ashley Hicks, Chahan Minassian and Patricia Urquiola are the designers chosen for Galateo.

The plus: Buccellati's arts de la table is not well known. Galateo therefore it is an unmissable event to fill the cultural void, for the location (the beautiful venue in via Brisa designed by Piero Portaluppi, not always so accessible *) and edited by Federica Sala.

(* opening: Terrazza Portaluppi dell Buccellati headquarters. Ph. Alberto Strada)

Other FuoriSalone 2022 events in the 5Vie area and surroundings (list being updated):


  • Maison Matisse

via Santa Marta 21

The French design brand founded by the family of Henri Matisse unveils the new collection of Fold lights, created by the duo Formafantasma.

  • Modern Heirlooms, Ahu

Gallery of Benefactors, SIAM, via Santa Marta 18

Ahu is a young studio based in London and Istanbul, which designs collectible pieces produced by master craftsmen from Istanbul.

  • Flooating Ideas, Gabriel Scott

BIG SantaMarta space, via Santa Marta 10

Six international brands (Michelle Gerson, Sybille de Mergerie, Kelly Hoppen, Guan Lee, Alessandro Munge, David Rockwell) engaged in the redesign of one of the most iconic lighting products sold by the Canadian brand Gabriel Scotto: Welles Chandelier.

  • Matter of Course

via Cesare Correnti 14

The designers of the new all-female Berlin collective Matter of Course create Ich Und Du, an installation, curated by Anava Projects, made up of objects in glass, wood, clay, fabrics, metal and water, which explores spaces, connections and relationships.

  • Centro Studi Poltronova

via Cesare Correnti 14

A reading corner will be set up with the historic Superonda seat by Archizoom in the new Farfalla guise for indoors and outdoors.

  • Show Your Colors by Markus Benesch

via Cesare Correnti 14

The multidisciplinary design studio presents a collection designed for Curious Boy: furniture, lighting elements and wallpaper, characterized by games of camouflage, illusion and mimicry, which emanate positive energy in response to the tumultuous and unstable reality in which we live.

  • Richard Yasmine: a physical and a digital collection

via Cesare Correnti 14 and on line

If in the 5Vie headquarters, with the Woven Whispers project, the Lebanese designer stages a praise to craftsmanship, while at the same time exploring the relationship between East and West, with the virtual collection of Furrybum / Softbum seats the references are playful, soft and naive.