The vocation to social design of the Isola district, the hype events of Porta Romana/Corvetto. And again: Nilufar Depot in via Lancetti and the exhibition on Joe Colombo at the GAM

The map of the Design Week 2022 outlines the whole city. From north to south, in the districts already active as in the emerging ones. Isola Design Festival is in its sixth edition and does not betray its social vocation with a program that focuses on projects that involve humans more than products.

Porta Romana leads to the Corvetto: Flos this year will be in via Orobia, behind the Foundation Prada, with an experimental hub. You get to the new Fabbrica Bini (via Giovanni da Cermenate) with the Misschiefs exhibition, commissioned by Gentucca Bini and curated by Federica Hall.

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Finally Toiletpaper, which is not satisfied with presenting the new features of Toiletpaper Home but transforms the entire via Balzaretti (Città Studi) into a work site specific, with a facade decor project. Toiletpaper Street dreamed with by Organics by Red Bull is the new gift to the city from the Cattelan/Ferrari duo.

Finally, a special mention for Craftmania, an exhibition on hyper-contemporary craftsmanship curated by Valentina Ciuffi of Studio Védet for Nina Yashar.At the Nilufar Depot in via Lancetti.

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What to see around the city during Design Week 2022: the selection of Interni

Dear Joe Colombo, you taught us the future

GAM, via Palestro

To see why: Joe Colombo is a great designer who has set firm points in the history of the Italian project. Visionary, wild creative and able to see far beyond time, he imagined the houses of the future, he looked far beyond the usual landscape of design. Learn more here.

The plus: the exhibition opens on 24 May and remains open until 4 September.

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You don't want space, you want to fill it

Marsèll, via Privata Rezia, 2

To see because: a site specific work by a group of artists selected by Matylda Krzykowski. Artists, designers, performers and musicians create a project that, explains the curator, wants to animate a wild place, more imagined than defined by set expectations.

The plus: Matylda Krzykowski moves between curating, art, design and performance. You founded Depot Basel, which until 2018 was one of the most lively and interesting experimentation places in Europe.

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Andrés Reisinger

Moooi, via San Gregorio and Nilufar Depot, via Lancetti

To see why: arrives at the Milan Design Week preceded by a reputation that is not global but almost. Andrés Reisinger is the digital artist who designed a furniture collection.

NFT, totally virtual, sold in the Metaverse for mind-boggling figures. In Milan he made his debut as a designer of real objects for Moooi and with the installation Too Much, Too Soon! at Nilufar Depot by Nina Yashar via Lancetti.

The plus: could be the debut of a brilliant designer. Or not. But it is worth going to see.

Time for bed. A journey into your dreams

YellowHostel, via Lattuada 14

Da vedere perché: all'interno dell'ostello di nuova generazione YellowSquare, l’azienda Lispi, artigiani del ferro dal 1920, innova la tipologia di letti a baldacchino tradizionali coinvolgendo i designer Giulio Iacchetti, Sovrappensiero, Francesco Forcellini e Mario Scairato.

Il plus: il party del 6 giugno, dedicato al sogno e aperto a tutti. Allestito in una dimensione onirica, in una nuvola di immagini e proiezioni generate da un’intelligenza artificiale che raccoglierà i sogni dei visitatori raccontati in anonimo nella cappella sconsacrata dell’ostello.

We Are Ona

Flos, Fabbrica Orobia, via Orobia 15

To see why: the international gastronomic collective We Are Ona has inaugurated in Venice a tour of the European cities that host important art and design events. It will also be in Milan with the Japanese chef Sayaka Sawaguchi of the Garde Champetre restaurant. The locations of We are ONA are always interesting, the mise en table with a high visual content.

The plus: the secret location has been revealed. Pop-up restaurant along with a pop-up café will be hosted by Flos at Fabbrica Orobia in via Orobia 15.

Vita Lenta (Slow Life) curated by Finemateria

Piazza Città di Lombardia

To see why: a collective exhibition curated by Studio Finemateria, designed for a public space where individuality and collectivity are cohesive and are part of a single movement.

A sensory installation and an inclusive exhibition hosting 16 selected international designers, showcasing projects linked by a similar, slow and well-narrated creative process.

The plus: Finemateria are two very young designers, authors of research projects on the border between industry and craftsmanship. 'Discovered' by Edit Napoli, this time they are in an authorial capacity and choose to present the work sixteen more or less well-known but very promising designers.

Other FuoriSalone 2022 events around the city (list being updated):


  • Superbloom

c/o viale Umbria 49

An intriguing multisensory journey through colors, scents and sounds. A tribute to the exceptional phenomenon of the Superbloom, the ' super flowering' of Southern California, where the Rios studio that designed it is based.

  • ID-Exe

dozens of points around the city

A widespread district that hybridizes the real world, with its events and its exhibition moments, and the virtual world, giving life to new levels and user scenarios that come to life on smartphones and tablets.

  • Flora's garden

Atrium of Porta Garibaldi Station

A flower garden where art, eco-design and craftsmanship interact. The works of Bloom&me, an artistic duo formed by Carolina Trabattoni and Valeria Vaselli, also participate in the Green Island ecodesign and botany path, curated by Claudia Zanfi.

  • 1+1+1/2022

Assab One, via Privata Assab 1

For the new project by Elena Quarestani, curated by Federica Sala, the creatives involved - Zilla Leutenegger, Studio Ossidiana, Cino Zucchi and Chiara Zucchi - interact with the spaces, with each other and with the public through three large participatory installations.

  • Tajimi Custom Tiles

Assab One, via Privata Assab 1

The Japanese brand that creates tailor made for architects and designers presents, thanks to a large installation, the new collaboration with Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. Objects designed by Max Lamb and Kwangho Lee will also be exhibited.

  • Design Differente

via Grazioli 73

A new cultural and creative hub dedicated to 'waste design' opens, targeting a community of designers, creatives, artisans and artists. The fulcrum is a fablab of digital technologies and hybrid machinery in which innovative materials certified by recycling processes are made.

  • Mathieu Lehanneur: The Inventory of Life

Triennale Milano, viale Alemagna 6

A personal exhibition of the multidisciplinary creative, curated by Maria Cristina Didero, consisting of four impressive installations, including design, science, art and anthropology. Lehanneur investigates the state of the planet with a new awareness of the fragility and transience of human life, accompanied by an awareness of the long-term damage suffered by the environment due to climate change.

  • Fabbrica ISIA Faenza

Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4

On display is a landscape of fifteen ceramic totems made by students during a workshop with the artist Diego Cibelli, thanks to archival research and the recovery of casts and images from the Faenza tradition and from the Royal Factory of Capodimonte.

  • PornoColor

Zinc, via Cesare Balbo 36

In a cocktail bar, permeated by soft light and enveloping music, the photographer and artist Giacomo Giannini solicits an experience out of the ordinary. On display PornoColor, vintage prints 6x9 cm. A pictorial and picturesque work, created in 1994 within MiSex in Milan, which shines the spotlight on parts of the female body, enveloped in acid-psychedelic glows. The works are exhibited until 25 June. Strictly from 6pm to 2am.

  • Art&Design reloading creativity

via Adige 11

Andrea Castrignano explores the contamination between design and art with an installation that presents pieces for furniture that surpass labels and conventions made in collaboration with the artist Gianluca Chiodi.

Cover photo: Superbloom by Rios.