At FuoriSalone 2022 glo is dissected into a double hyper-personalized presence

With two excellent partners, sure signatures of creations with a viral effect and substance content, glo pervades Design Week 2022 with a double presence: in the context of Tortona Design Week it will welcome visitors with both the maxi installation Hypernova, designed by Sara Ricciardi and positioned in the Lounge area of Superstudio, both with the setting up of the Radical Pop Terrace, an urban garden located on the Superstudio Roof and curated by TOILETPAPER, the creative collective founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Hypernova is the multimedia creation that fully expresses the philosophy of glo: the designer Sara Ricciardi reasoned for this project starting from the most intrinsic meaning of the term - in astronomy the Hypernova is a stellar explosion from which new galaxies originate - and conceptually transformed it into an experience for the visitor, who finds himself going through a mixture of dimensions, colors, shapes, sounds.

The inputs create a sensorial and visual mix that well tells the infinite possibilities of the world we live in: starting from the central spiral, the structure proceeds the walls of the structure painted in bright and festive colors to which are added the reflections of the mirrors positioned along the path, which immortalize the user personalizing the experience.

A link that adds to the clear initial intention of referring to gloTM hyper + UNIQè: the new customizable device by gloTM, which sees the presence of interchangeable side panels to choose from in the different combinations of colors and finishes available.

Inspired by the colors of gloTM hyper + UNIQ Ricciardi has selected six colors from the palette of product panels, to color the six paths that branch off from the central heart of the spiral.

The Radical Pop Terrace, on the other hand, by the TOILETPAPER collective, confirms the continuation of the collaboration with creative visionaries following the launch of the limited edition Radical Pop Collection, presented last February.

With the Radical Pop Terrace, glo and TOILETPAPER invite the public to overcome the limits of binary choices and to open up to different possibilities, 'without compromise' and always in line with the philosophy of the brand, already taken up by 'work by Sara Ricciardi.

At the roof of Sperstudio, the panels of gloTM hyper + UNIQ customized with the four artworks signed TOILETPAPER will be exhibited for the first time.

The space is open to the public every day until 9pm and is proposed as an oasis of relaxation in the middle of the Milanese Design Week.