From the coffee of the Circolo Filologico to Dropcity, all the initiatives that do not close their doors

This FuoriSalone is also coming to an end, but not all exhibitions and displays close their doors on Sunday. Starting with Design Re-Generation, the great Interni event that filled the University of Milan, the Brera Botanical Garden and the Audi House of Progress with visionary installations like every year. (and which can be visited until June 13), there are many initiatives that can still be admired for a few days around Milan, some of which are destined to remain forever, confirming the design week's vocation to transform itself into the driver of quality initiatives by those who these days are looking for the right spotlight and attention that would most likely struggle to get the rest of the year.

Café of the Philological Circle (Design Variations), permanent

The renovated Caffè del Circolo Filologico is a permanent work, curated by Marialaura Rossiello Irvine, the gift to the city of MoscowPartners, the organizers of Design Variations: "When we chose the Circolo Filologico, beyond the indisputable charm of the building built at the beginning of the last century, we did it because it is a place of study and of promoting international culture", explain Caterina Mosca and Valerio Castelli .

The Filologico café will remain throughout the year the space where you can refresh yourself between the Thonet furnishings and the walls covered with Matte Brioni, which renew the timeless atmosphere of this historic location.

From Assab One to Parco Trotter, until July 16th

Another gift to the city comes from 1 + 1 + 1 , the exhibition in Assab One curated as every year by Federica Sala.

The three installations - protagonists Zilla Leutenegger, Studio Ossidiana and Cino Zucchi with Chiara Zucchi - they can be visited until July 16 , but this year there is a novelty with a strong symbolic and sharing value. For Wandering Fields, the installation by Studio Ossidiana that connects the Po Valley, where Alessandra Covini and Giovanni Bellotti were born, with The Dutch Low Lands, where the two designers have lived for years, the public was able to take care of the land with a hoe and rake, as in a kind of Zen garden.

At the end of the exhibition, this special carpet will be converted into a fertile mound and transported to the Trotter park to be donated to citizens as a public design work. Why not say that the FuoriSalone is only a review of ephemeral events.

The playgrounds of Domitilla Dardi and Corraini until mid-July

Corraini Edizioni has always transformed the (beautiful) books it publishes into exhibition itineraries at the bookshop 121+ in via Savona. It does so again this year with Playgrounding, the book by Domitilla Dardi that tells the meaning of our civilization for childhood through playgrounds and recreational spaces.

On display, the drawings of nine designers and architects who enrich the book alongside archival photos of great masters. Paul Cox stages the invention of stories, creating a theatrical backdrop where spectators are invited to experiment following the spontaneity of fantasy; Matali Crasset creates structures that reproduce tree shapes where you can climb and play freely; Konstantin Grcic imagines a house that becomes a playground as a space for 'learning by playing';

Martì Guixé creates a path through doors that help to imagine a change; Lemonot makes visitors travel among elements that have the conformation of possible architectural scenarios from a utopian and sci-fi city; Gianluca Malgeri and Arina Endo look at trees as natural architectures that recall adventure parks; Studio Ossidiana imagines a sort of floating 'Fun Palace' amusement park, on a platform adrift in a large swamp;

Parasite 2.0 offer a magical guide to building a home playground; and finally Olimpia Zagnoli gives shape to two large anthropomorphic sculptures that recall the tradition of the ancient “monster parks” in a contemporary way. The exhibition is open until mid-July.

Sixty years of Flos and Arco, Fabbrica Orobia until 24 June

An important birthday party like the one for sixty years could not end too soon. Flos the celebrations for the birth of the company continue (and of the Arco lamp, also born in 1962), in the former industrial spaces of via Orobia 15 up to June 24.

Here, in an area of ​​six thousand square meters, the brand that has made the history of Italian and international design will continue to open its doors to the public who recently populated Fabbrica Orobia admiring the latest collections Flos and participating in a rich platform of talks moderated by Felix Burrichter, the editor of Pin Up, eating in the We are Ona pop-up restaurant, appreciating the workshops of the Fosbury Architecture collective and the activities dedicated to children by Kikolle, together with the sound of Davide Boosta Dileo.

The Balzaretti street of Toiletpaper

Toiletpaper, the magazine of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, had already transformed via Balzaretti into the most instagrammed street in Milan, decorating the facade of its headquarters with the unmistakable motif of red lipsticks.

This time around, the award-winning firm has gone further, and in partnership with Orgamnics by Red Bull has extended the project all the way. The street architectures, with the new graphics Trumpets , Flowers with Holes and Roses, are conceived as the pages of an ideal out-of-scale magazine.

Dropcity, discover the new architecture center at Magazzini Raccordati until June 19

The latest editions of the FuoriSalone had made us appreciate a new and unexpected location: the Magazzini Raccordati of the Central Station.

Now those evocative tunnels have become the space of Dropcity, the project conceived by the architect Andrea Caputo and developed thanks to Nhood, an international real estate company and of services acting as investor and co-manager. The preview of the project that will bring in the Warehouses a new research, work and aggregation center dedicated to design, for an investment of 16 million, will be open until June 19.

It is an opportunity, for those who have not yet grasped it, to discover what the new house of Architecture and Design in Milan will be like, a space for aggregation, research and debate around the culture of design.

Various: PostHome and Historical Design

Numerous other initiatives around Milan that will keep their doors open a few more days. Some companies will decide on extensions at the last moment, as often happens. For example, Historical Design in the Luca Preti gallery, in Brera, will remain open to visitors until June 30th. with a beautiful mirror by Ico Parisi dated 1972.

Or the small and precious installation Light as Clouds by Thirtyone Design conceived for the PostHome project, the 'post-pandemic house': the balcony at third floor of the building in via Teodosio 15, Città Studi area, will remain set up until June 15 with a cloud linked by a special network created by Linificio and Canapificio Nazionale S.r.l Società Benefit and Kuku International Packaging S.r.l who have combined their respective know-how to experiment with innovative food packaging.

Even the interior, with Liquid/Static by Bea Roggero Fossati, remains open until the end of September.