It is called Forest Tales and it is the installation that, in the days of the FuoriSalone, speaks to us of the ecological (but also aesthetic) value of hardwoods

Until June 12, Ahec (American Hardwood Export Council ), the main association that brings together American producers American hardwoods and which, in Europe, has been collaborating for years with architects and designers, welcomes visitors with the Forest Tales exhibition.

Curated by Studio Swine, the exhibition celebrates the beauty of the essences of maple, cherry and red oak through 22 pieces of furniture designed by as many young people creative.

Works that tell how versatile and sustainable these woods are (plants grow faster than they are harvested) even if, today, they are little used by the design industry. A little for 'fashion' issues, a little for the lack of knowledge of this material.

An important theme, therefore, narrated through the evocative installation by Studio Swine, which is inspired by the opening frames of Quarto Potere ( Citizen Kane ) by Orson Welles, where the camera lingers on a multitude of wooden crates to be packed.

Here too the crates, the same used for the transport of the various pieces, are the protagonists and serve as support surfaces for the 22 products on display, flanked by some videos that tell the story of the various products.

Forest Tales is therefore not just a showcase of creativity conceived for the FuoriSalone, but an appeal for a more thoughtful choice of materials: all the pieces are in fact carbon -neutral or carbon-negative, as shown by the data of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which tell the environmental footprint of each product.

And, finally, the installation also minimizes waste and pollution because the crates are multipurpose, they are now used to display, then they will be used to ship and store the pieces on display.