Free and fluid shapes, iridescent or sandblasted, molded by skilled hands for the new Laguna collection in Murano glass designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba for Purho

They arise from a alchemy, from a meeting between science and knowledge, winds and tides, bumps and valleys, knowledge ancient and manual know-how. Majestic and granite objects in their reassuring sinuosity, created thanks to a game of precarious balances, an intertwining of freehand design - and pure matter, a vitreous magna shaped by accurate movements and puffs. And sublimated by fire.

Born under the sign of expressive freedom - from the immediacy of the sketches drawn by Roberto Palomba on the floor of the furnace of the Vetreria Anfora of Murano - the collection of vases Laguna by Purho reflects the close and empathic dialogue between the designer and the master. A few moments to stop the moment: capture the idea and make it tangible. Every moment a different vase, with imperfect, unique organic shapes.

Nine Murano glass vases in the colors of the lagoon

Composed of nine Murano glass vases dressed in the colors of the lagoon - steel gray, moss green, deep blue, crystal and topaz - the collection, as if modeled by the natural forces that animate the Venetian lagoon, is signed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba , who tell “it is a great thrill to continue our personal and intimate investigation on Murano. Today, in collaboration with Purho, we want to tell and represent the nature of the elements through glass and its materiality.

A free-hand creation

“The results” in the words of Roberto Palomba “are generous and powerful vases and centrepieces, unique and unrepeatable and for this we have worked with a free-hand methodology. No moulds or constraints. Free processes just like water bending to the elements in ripples, waves”.

Iridescent colors, sandblasted finishes ...

Imagined as a fluid and composite set of organic forms declined in multiple dimensions - as vases with folded edges or lavish bags which crumple onto themselves -, the Laguna collection lights up with iridescent colors or is modeled with sandblasted finishes to enhance its materiality to the touch and sight.

... and engravings

The engraving - as a mark left by the passage of natural elements - interrupts the flow of soft bumps that follow one another in abrupt hollows, characterising two vases of Laguna collection.