Louis Vuitton celebrates 10 years of the Objets Nomades collection with a multiple tribute to the return of the Milanese bien vivre

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2022 Louis Vuitton temporarily expands its presence in the center of Milan, with a system of initiatives that condense elegance and liveliness cosmopolitan, which have always been the hallmarks of the brand.

The central focus of the presence of the maison at Design Week will be the exhibition of the new collection of Objets Nomades at the Garage Traversi in via Bagutta, 2 in Piazza San Babila and near the brand's Milanese boutique.

A special event that marks two important tributes, simultaneously for the maison and for the city: on the one hand, the exhibition of Louis Vuitton, now in its 5th edition, will in fact be a tribute to 10 years since the birth of the 'nomadic' furniture collection - presented for the first time by the brand in 2012; the location then, is exceptional: the Garage Traversi returns in fact to live after 15 years of inactivity, lending its architectural uniqueness (it was designed in 1939 by the architect Giovanni de Min) to the Milanese 'new life', with a new face that promises to be devoted to lifestyle and metropolitan bien vivre.

And again, in synergy with the rebirth of Milan, Louis Vuitton will contaminate two chests in Piazza San Babila: the flower kiosk and the newsstand of the district, which will be respectively set up with the exhibition of leather Origami flowers by Atelier Oï, the first, and with the necklaces of City Guide, Travel Book and Fashion Eye published by the Maison, the latter.

In particular, this latter initiative represents an additional piece to the itinerant international project of Louis Vuitton's ' librairie éphémère ', which with contemporary dynamism and traditional elegance aims to enhance the quality and beauty of editorial content.

The first Italian city to have hosted the Maison's creativity was Venice, on the occasion of the opening days of the 2022 Art Biennale, when Louis Vuitton set up 6 newsstands.

In Milan, during the entire Design Week, Louis Vuitton experts will work alongside newsagents to introduce visitors to the discovery of the Maison travel necklaces, recognizable by the vivacity of the colors and the elegant and accurate simplicity of packaging. A collectible product in all respects.

As for the Objets Nomades, this year there are numerous designers involved: among the novelties, the Merengue pouf by the Campana brothers in three colors together with Aguacade, a multi-colored and modular screen; the Petal Chair by Marcel Wanders studio with an organic structure and sophisticated lines; the Cosmic Table by Raw Edges with its innovative carbon fiber base and ice-like glass top.

Then there is the Lumineux Totem by Studio Louis Vuitton, an elegant tower of colored Murano glass spheres; the new seats in precious leather Belt Stool and Belt Lounge Chair by Atelier ; i Signature Armchair & Sofa, with graceful and fluid arches, inspired by terraced fields in China and desert rock formations in the USA, designed by Frank Chou, the latest designer to join to the Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades project, they are also the first specifically designed for outdoor furniture and are upholstered in a brightly colored 'Brio' fabric from the Italian brand Paola Lenti.