The new complete collection for the Lua bathroom, designed by Toan Nguyen for Laufen, celebrates the ritual of water through a pure and linear design

Inspired by the holistic approach that Laufen has always had in conceiving the bathroom, Toan Nguyen has created a complete collection in which all the elements are in harmony with each other, in a perfect balance between form, function and sensoriality.

The new collection celebrates the ritual of water through a pure and linear design that comes from a meticulous study of form and is inspired by the daily relationship that we have with the bathroom.

Lua is in fact the result of a long research that has seen the designer and the company committed to create a collection that includes washbasins, basins, sanitary ware, accessories and bathtubs, as well as a line of taps and a family of furniture, Lani, characterized by a minimal design that can also adapt perfectly to other Laufen products.

The bathroom as an intimate and concentrated architecture

Complete in all its parts but also extremely flexible, and therefore adaptable to any housing need, Laufen has chosen Casa Albero, the villa designed in Fregene at the end of the Sixties by the architects Giuseppe Perugini, Uga De Plaisant and Raynaldo Perugini , to set the shots of the new Lua collection.

A very high example of brutalist architecture, Casa Albero has a modular structure designed to be as flexible as possible, replicable and infinitely expandable and characterized by a few simple materials such as concrete, glass and iron that do not fail to give it lightness.

The elements linked to nature, the modularity of the project and the relationship between form and function of Casa Albero, recall the link with water, purity and precision of the geometric lines that derive from a long research and experimentation on the material that distinguish the design of Lua.

An artisanal design approach

At the center of Toan Nguyen's work is the person and his relationship with the object: with Lua, a collection has been created that perfectly combines formal purity and high quality workmanship. “Lua represented for me the challenge of designing a very simple and at the same time extremely complete collection in all its parts. I wanted to create a shape that was part of collective memory” explains Toan Nguyen.

A meticulous study

All the elements of the collection are inspired by the shape of an oval with slightly flattened vertices: a new geometry that required an endless series of drawings and studies to obtain a linear design and at the same time extremely logical and functional.

Formal purity

Square lines, delicately rounded corners and thin edges coexist in the individual elements that make up the collection: from the soft oval shapes of the washbasins and bowls, to the vases, bidets and bathtubs. Thanks to the perfectly balanced design, Lua and the Lani furniture collection adapt to all interiors and different living situations.

Each piece of Lua has been studied in detail to offer a perfect formal balance and maximum flexibility of use.