What to expect (and why) at the Milan Design Week 2022: the best FuoriSalone 2022 events, the districts and the new locations to discover

With the Milan Design Week 2022 coming up, from 7 to 12 June, design lovers from all over the world are wondering what to expect and what are the events not to be missed at Milan Design Week 2022.

On internimagazine.it we will help you build your answers to these questions by providing you with as much information as possible to guide you and make your choices to organize the best possible visit to the largest design event in the world.

The first piece of advice, therefore, is stay tuned.

In fact, we have already started organizing for you preview events not to be missed at FuoriSalone 2022 , area by area. Starting from 3 June we will put the FuoriSalone 2022 Guide online, with all the events recorded in the INTERNI guide history, now in its 30th edition. And, from 7 to 12 June , we will offer our most critical and analytical look at Design Week: talking about young talents and where to find them, research and innovation, materials, fashion, art and technology and telling you about the most beautiful installations (and why we think they are interesting).

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INTERNI Design Re-Generation: the great INTERNI event at the Statale and in other locations

INTERNI Design Re-Generation , the exhibition-event conceived and coordinated by INTERNI and co-produced with Audi, Plenitude and Whirlpool, will be held from 6 to 13 June on the occasion of FuoriSalone 2022 and the Salone del Mobile 2022 (7-12 June 2022).

The INTERNI Design Re-Generation installations, designed by distinguished national and international designers and supported by companies and institutions, will be, as usual, at the University of Milan, at the Botanical Garden of Brera, at the Audi House of Progress and in other locations that will soon be unveiled.

INTERNI Design Re-Generation will have a dedicated mini-site on internimagazine.it (online from 27 June) from which the renderings of the installations will be visible and then, after the official opening on 6 June, the images of the works, with video interviews with the architects who designed them.


FuoriSalone 2022: what to expect from this year's Milan Design Week?

1. A number of visitors we are no longer used to

First of all the full house. INTERNI guide in hand, we have the mathematical certainty that, at least as regards the number of events, FuoriSalone 2022 will be like the pre-Covid ones. An observation that is also confirmed by the numbers that the Salone del Mobile itself has communicated so far: the sixtieth edition will in fact have 7 events, which occupy all 24 pavilions of Rho Fiera Milano for 200 thousand square meters and 2000 exhibitors, of which 25% foreigners.

2. Many events and installations in the showrooms

The second thing to expect from this FuoriSalone 2022 is the return of the showrooms to the role they always had in the city during the FuoriSalone and which they had somehow lost, in the last edition when the Salone del Mobile was replaced by the Supersalone.

In 2021, in fact, the shops of the design brands replaced the Salone del Mobile as meeting places for Italian and international dealers, private environments where the new collections can be presented to a limited audience of professionals.

At FuoriSalone 2022, however, the showrooms will certainly host the new products but will also return to host collateral events , mini-installations, interpretations and installations created by designers and (increasingly) by artists.

Difficult, indeed impossible, to mention them all (for this there is our Guide). However, the districts to be visited are those with the highest density of showrooms: Brera, via Durini, Corso Monforte, via Manzoni and obviously the whole fashion district.

3. The spotlight on the suburbs where the curatorial projects will be staged

Third, but absolutely not the least, will be the attention that must be dedicated to the peripheries.

While the design districts of Milan will work at full speed - giving more and more space to large companies - the border areas are in fact reconfirmed as the places of choice for major curatorial projects:

  • See The Stars Again is the (Dante's) title that Flos has chosen for its event-exhibition-happening that celebrates the 60th anniversary of the company's birth and, above all, the new course of the company: the exhibition concept, curated by Calvi Brambilla, in fact tells the way to conceive, tell and even sell the light of Flos. The location chosen for the event, which will also contain a stage for shows, a restaurant and a bookshop, is a huge former industrial spacr near the Prada Foundation: a place very far from the center and, in the minds of the Milanese, dedicated to art and experimentation. and technology (here there is Talent Garden, Fastweb etc) rather than design. Flos Via Orobia 15.
  • Alcova 2022 will be, as last year, in Baggio in the former military hospital (MM Inganni): the group show, curated by Joseph Grima and Valentina Ciuffi, originally presented in Nolo, promises a mix of more and less well-known names and a new section Curated by Alcova, a platform dedicated to highlighting the most interesting talents that emerge every year from design schools across Europe - via Simone Saint Bon, 1
  • Zaventem Atelier is a Belgian multidisciplinary space, near Brussels, conceived as a workshop in which artisans, designers and artists collaborate with a cooperative and corporate spirit. On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2022, Zaventem Atelier will occupy a former Necchi factory in Baranzate with Baranzate Atelier, where the work of the collective will be told: a space conceived as an inhabited place in which to come into direct contact with creatives to share their vision on becoming of living. Via Milano 251, Baranzate (MI)
  • Certosa Initiative , by Organization in Design and Beyond Space: very little information is currently available on this premiere which will bring together international companies and designers - Via Barnaba Oriani 27
  • You Don't Want Space, You Want To Fill It by Marsèll Paradise  will be an exhibition that crosses works by contemporary and transdisciplinary professionals who move between the visual and performative context, the natural and the artificial, the human and the animal, the tactile and the sound: an invitation to socialization, activity and observation by Lisa Ertel, Fenna Schilling, Phillip Schueller, Collo, Delfiné & amp ; Loft Garten, Mirka Laura Severa and Jannis Zell. Via Privata Rezia 2


Cover image by Giacomo Giannini, from the book XXX-Y 30 years of FuoriSalone, edited by INTERNI for Electa ( read here about the book, buy it here )