In the setting of the new showroom designed by Fabio Novembre, Natuzzi presents its new collection in the atmosphere of a Mediterranean square

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2022 Natuzzi presents The Circle of Harmony - Second Life: a new line dedicated to values such as sustainability and durability over time (that's why they can live a second life).

Two new collections: the Terra pouf by designer Marcantonio, this year in his second collaboration with the Apulian company, and the Adam designed by the Dutch Marcel Wanders, consisting of a sofa, table and coffee table.

The Terra pouf immediately strikes for its soft, welcoming and fluid image, a volume with rounded shapes that evokes the shape of an olive, with the seat ends and the backrest connected together by light straps, and which offers an informal but comfortable seat, perfect for the outdoors.

But Earth is above all impact zero, with the interior in recycled PET (among the most recyclable and circular) and the upholstery in the Water range, an eco fabric resulting from the collaboration with the Dutch textile innovation studio BYBORRE, and in the new eco-fiber collection, in recycled PES.

The Adam collection, on the other hand, stems from the well-established collaboration with the Marcel Wanders Studio and has its focus on the modular sofa Adam, a sofa with a casual style which seems to reinterpret the classics of Natuzzi while offering a guideline for the sofas of tomorrow (hence the name Adam, an explicit reference to the idea of archetype) with the wooden base and the wide seat and back cushions, with soft and rounded lines, padded with Ecolympha by Olmo polyurethane, composed exclusively of natural and biocompatible materials.

A comfort that is amplified by some manual mechanisms that allow you to vary the position of the armrests and head rests. To complete the collection, Adam's coffee tables and dining table, products of timeless elegance.