Frames, On Forest at the Braidense Library from 6 to 8 June: three days of symposium with an exceptional parterre to talk about the complex relationship between design, production and the natural environment

Thinking, researching and sharing results and reflections is what is really needed to address the topic of the environment in a concrete form.

There is no change, no ecological transition, no sustainability without a priori strong and shareable thinking, therefore based on data and experiences. Formafantasma and Prada start from here and during the Design Week 2022 invite the public (all the public, people) to participate in three days of symposium to the Biblioteca Braidense.

Free event subject to availability, upon reservation on the Prada website starting from May 28. Beyond useful information, the point is precisely this: to spread to everyone, to involve everyone.

Creating environmental and productive culture and spreading it in a democratic way is an act of great generosity.

Net of the obvious strategic considerations, Prada once again puts economic and organizational resources, communication power and will into a cultural project in favor of the city and its inhabitants.

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, the Formafantasma, are the two designers who designed the symposium. A natural continuation of the immense research work carried out for the Change exhibition for the Serpentine Gallery two years ago.

The lecturers called to the six thematic events are probably the best the world of design and its neighbors have produced in recent years in terms of environment, nature, the relationship between technology, science and sustainability.

From Paola Antonelli to Amitav Ghosh, Rotor, Alice Rawsthorne, Sissel Tolaas are just some of the invited speakers.