The president of the Salone del Mobile, Maria Porro, talks about the sixtieth edition: it will be smarter, more inclusive and more sustainable. It opens on June 7th

Edition number 60 and the first that marks the true return to pre-pandemic times: these premises are enough to consider the Salone del Mobile 2022 a historically significant event. Because so much has changed since 2019 for Salone del Mobile.Milano.

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First of all, the guide, entrusted for the first time to a woman President, Maria Porro.

Then the use of digital technologie: at last embraced with decision also by the largest trade fair in the world not only to communicate but also to offer additional services to the public and exhibitors. And, finally, the attention to sustainability issues: for the first time, guidelines were given to fitters to create more ecological, reusable and / or recyclable stands. The first step towards a radical and collective change of pace.

Maria Porro, what will the 2022 Salone del Mobile be like?

Dense of content, rich in digital services, dedicated to sharing and sustainability: a show, in fact, which puts into practice what we have learned during the pandemic and with the Supersalone experiment.

Let's start with the contents…

We have been arriving for two years in which there have been no great collective opportunities to present the products to the public . But, equally, this was a period in which it continued to create as the public was refined: it is undeniable that there is a greater interest in the home theme today than before the pandemic. Companies will therefore have many things to say and we too, as organizers : it is no coincidence that this year too, as at the Supersalone, we have created a series of In-depth talks. They will be held in pavilion 15 at "Design with Nature", the installation by Mario Cucinella in S.Project, and in pavilion 3, the new location of the Salone Satellite and will also be available in live streaming and then as a podcast.

What is the new role of digital at the Salone del Mobile?

For us, digital is a communication tool but also a work tool, that is, the collection, dissemination and analysis of data .

Today we have, for example, full control of the ticket office so we know who comes to the fair. This helps us to understand what services to offer (for example this year there will be many Indians and we have started a simplified visa procedure) but above all to think about the long term in a strategic way. For Euroluce of 2023 , for example, we would like to work with a more technical audience, that of lighting designers: we will do it starting from analysis on the data we have and enriching them with tables of work with stakeholders and surveys.
On the visitor side, we have digital services to support the physical fair, from the integrated ticket office to information on products that can be downloaded with QR Code, to the list of contacts who visited the stand via the App, to the virtual stand that remains after the show is over.
On the communication side, our publishing platform is the megaphone of the Salone del Mobile and is being refined more and more thanks to projects such as Unboxing which has brought the previews of the 2022 Salone to an international audience.

To describe Salone 2022, you first spoke of sharing and socializing. What do you mean?

The Supersalone served to put us to the test in experimenting with new roads and left the awareness of being able to follow them. With the Supersalone, we understood that having places to breathe within the exhibition itinerary is important : they will therefore be there again this year, again with Identità Golose. The possibility of meeting new people, even by chance, is one of the elements that most attract exhibitors and visitors to the fair. We want to facilitate this sociability.
We have also worked to make the Salone Satellite more accessible . On the one hand, with the new location, in Hall 3. On the other, with a different layout . In fact, we have come out of a logic of perpendicularity and moved on to a plant with two squares from which the paths with the 600 exhibitors start in a radial pattern . Working with the Italian Institute for the Blind, we have created an inclusive exhibition, with Brail language, colors suitable for the visually impaired and tactile paths.

Achieving systemic sustainability has always been his strong point. What has been done so far on this line?

To change things substantially, you need to have the support of the majority. We therefore moved with a bottom-up approach, without imposing anything but giving many tools to companies to work in a more sustainable way and based also on what we learned at the Supersalone . We talked to the most important fitters and, together with them, we defined l guide on materials, logistics, catering, lighting, fabrics. These guidelines were distributed to all the brands participating in the 2022 Show: they did not have the obligation to follow them, but many did. We will then evaluate the experience to understand how to proceed in the future.

Our side, we are proceeding by subtraction . This year, for example, we have eliminated all carpets: a choice against waste but which also gives more space to exhibitors to define their own walkways.