The Studiopepe vision is based on research into materials and contamination between different contemporary languages

Founded in the early 1900s, Alimonti has embodied the values of high-level craftsmanship based on the most sophisticated techniques for over a century.

Thanks to its profound knowledge of the raw material, the company has acquired the necessary know-how over the years to continuously take on new challenges by proposing materials from all over the world and ever new textures.

From the desire to give voice to the age-old combination of stone and sculpture, the Solid Landscape project was born, reflecting the eclectic and poetic language of the Milanese design agency that realised it has a strongly evocative character.

In the Alimonti Milano showroom, Studiopepe's work investigates the chromatic potential of whites and beiges, within three rooms entirely redesigned in a minimalist and enveloping perspective.

A tale made up of objects and furnishing elements that arise from a remarkable operation of selecting natural stones. An encounter between exceptional types of stone with spectacular intrusions and the softness of Limestone carved from blocks.

On display are unique pieces, modelled by water and wind, as well as avant-garde processing techniques, the ultimate expression of craftsmanship.

Providing the backdrop for this collection are two wall installations, tactile bas-reliefs in Limestone and Travertine that are freely inspired by the mural works of the artist and sculptor Costantino Nivola, who was known for his ability to revisit the folk tradition and prehistoric art of Sardinia, his homeland, in a modern form.