"Design Week and I grew up together" the Hong Kong designer tells Internimagazine. Who, in this interview, reveals the secrets of his new Nature's Jewel Box, making its debut these days in Visionnaire's Milanese Flagshipstore

What to expect from the collaboration between a designer whose motto is 'Enjoy Life, Enjoy Design' and a luxury brand like Visionnaire who has made the search for singularity his figure?

A new edition of the Nature's Jewel Box, almost ten years after the first, which Steve Leung presents in the immense Design Gallery in piazza Cavour. Where the public will be able to see the capsule up close immersed in the suggestive installation curated by Gruppo Giardini: a forest of ash and ginko biloba trees.

This year is a special event, isn't it?

I am so thrilled! This year marks the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile and this month I will turn 65: I feel that the Salone and I have grown together!

What is behind the new Nature's Jewel Box?

For the new edition I explored the beauty of nature taking inspiration from the incredible resilience of trees, which have this extraordinary ability not only to survive, but to thrive beautifully even in the worst weather.

So I translated this concept into a contemporary and clean design that embraces organic shapes and earthy colors.

The collection includes precious objects such as tables in black marble and antique brass or armchairs with zoomorphic details. Would you like to introduce us to one in particular?

I highly recommend trying the dormeuse from the Deimos family, which also includes sofa and armchair, because it has a sinuous and linear vocabulary at the same time, thanks to the alternation of soft curves of the back and sharp corners of the outer shell, a delicate balance between creativity and harmony of nature.

And it is made of ash wood, known for its resistance to particularly difficult climatic conditions

Why is the natural element so important in your work?

My design is a direct reflection of my personality and the expression of my cultural roots: the essence of traditional Chinese principles is always linked to my design approach.

I am committed to human-centered design (以人為本), which perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality to serve people in the best possible way, with special attention to what in ancient Chinese philosophy it is called ' The Golden Mean ' (中庸之道) - which we can translate as: the 'beauty of moderation between two ghosts'.

But the key element is undoubtedly the harmony between man and nature (天人合一), an attention fueled by being born and raised in Hong Kong , where a densely populated urban landscape blends seamlessly with the tranquil stillness of the surrounding lush nature.