Superdesign Show returns from 6 to 12 June, with an edition enthusiastically dedicated to the future

For Gisella Borioli and Giulio Cappellini it is no longer the time to have doubts but to go further. Beyond the theories, beyond the hesitations. It is the time of the future and it must be said clearly. So: 'Looking ahead' is the theme of 2022 and designers, brands, artists welcome it with enthusiasm. Twelve exhibitions planned, organized in as many themes. Collective and individual events that in the large spaces of via Tortona animate a layout conceived as a spontaneous village, in which to move freely.

“One of the most interesting features of the Superdesign Show”, explains the designer Ilaria Marelli, “is the informal atmosphere, of dialogue and exchange between all the participants. I participated in the first edition of this event together with Cappellini, in 2000. A memory forever linked to happiness and enthusiasm ".

This is the formula that Gisella Borioli inaugurated in 2000 to re-establish the Milanese Design Week. A space open to the public, to students, to the curious and to the design community, where a truly global conversation can be ignited year after year. Nothing manages to nourish the project as much as the relationship.

The female parterre of Superdesign Show

Gisella Borioli cares a lot about her female team and also the press conference parterre was populated by many women. Starting with the councilor with responsibility for design Alessia Cappello: "It's time to go back to rebuilding the network of strong relationships that defines the design world.

An attitude in which I recognize myself, because I believe that more generally building bridges of design dialogue is important above all to face the emergencies that we face. Sustainability is no longer a choice, but a duty ". Among the 730 events that make up the itinerary of Design Week Giulia Cappello sees signs of vivacity, the desire to confirm Milan as the city of design.

The return of objects and Asian impact. Without forgetting the new urban open air

Case Cose Cozy is the section that deals with living, the real one. "We imagine a totally digital future, but design deals with materiality, with furniture. So let's go back to talking about furniture, as it should be during design week", comments Giulio Cappellini, also this year artistic director of Superdesign Show. The result seems to be the definition of a new sentimental aesthetic that forcefully introduces the idea of ​​living well-being.

Asian Impact is an exploration of brands and designers from the Far East. A choral exhibition involving Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore who propose a contemporary vision that does not fail to recognize the solid roots of the Asian tradition.

Super Green is the evolution of a series of typological focuses that Giulio Cappellini this year dedicates to open-air furnishings. “We have seen design move strongly in this direction”, explains Cappellini. The large atrium at the entrance to Superstudio is the setting for the art-garden in which the outdoor productions will be exhibited among the sculptures of Flavio Lucchini.

Women & amp; Design, Materials Sustainability, Dreamers

Fourteen female designers, established or new but talented, will be the animators of Donne&Design. A strongly desired section, which in this edition asks to show recent projects that make up a creative self-portrait. From the archistar Paola Navone for ABK to Ilaria Marelli for the new brand Steeles, up to the collective of artists and artisans of Food Design Stories. "Absolutely very strong female presences, who have a personal vision of design and architecture. Themed installations that clearly explain how a project is done today. In other words, taking into account a series of sustainability issues ", explains Giulio Cappellini.

A female team also for the Urban Matter(s) -Material reduction for a Lighter City exhibition curated by Materially. An exploration of the theme of light materials intended as sustainable, capable of lightening the urban impact on the environment. Next to Materially in the Materials Suastanibility section, Alcantara with the installation Someone is lying. “A project that reveals, in the true sense of the word, how the gestures of sustainability are sometimes ambiguous, useless or partial”, explains Gisella Borioli.

Dreamers is the section of young people who risk experimentation and self-production. in this setting from Superdesign Show they signal the presence of the University of Malta, which worked with the Alka fabric, made from algae and the result of research by students.

Architect-Tour, Italian Masters, Art & Design Interaction

Gisella Borioli says she is very happy to host the Architect-Tour schedule of the journalist Laura Regazzola who tells her series of reports "An Italian architect in..." which explore the work in international studies led by Italian professionals.

The Italian Masters focus is the craft world, which throughout the peninsula is expressed through collective or individual experiences that always manage to amaze for quality and innovative capacity. This is the section hosting the Fingerprint Sudtirol project and the collective Fuoriserie, Unicità per il futuro by the National Confederation of the Crafts.

Art & Interaction is the area where the project meets artistic expression. And no one like Toiletpaper Magazine, the creative collective of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari can speak the hybrid language better of the two creative disciplines. Radical Pop is the urban garden on the roof of Superstudio Più that exhibits the artwork of the Glo brand.