The new dynamic and graceful Swing collection, designed by Fabio Fantolino for Ex.t, reinterprets the shapes of the bathrooms of the early twentieth century, proposing a mix - musical - between retro atmospheres and contemporary functionality

“It don't mean a thing (if it ain't got that swing)”. The words taken from the Duke Ellington song, dated 1931, indicate the hidden spirit that vitalises Swing, the new bathroom collection designed by Fabio Fantolino for Ex.t .

A collection that aims to break the mold and translate the suggestions of the past into a contemporary language by alternating broken lines and curved shapes. All in the name of tailoring emphasized by refined cuts, sophisticated details, soft and graceful shapes and the combination of natural and performing materials.

Follow the rhythms of contemporary living

Once again the fresh and dynamic Tuscan brand confirms its attitude to refined lightness of lines, attention to detail, versatility and functionality, proposing furnishing accessories that allow you to create bathrooms in able to evolve and transform, following the rhythms of contemporary living. Swing is no exception.

Re-reading the forms of memory

The new collection designed by the Fontolino studio reinterprets the forms of memory, those of the bathrooms of the early twentieth century. The delightful retro atmospheres evoked by the shapes of the tubs and sinks refer to the elegance of the bathrooms of the past, re-proposing it in a contemporary key that adapts to new needs, increasingly in the making.

Round elements as the fil rouge of the project

The use of a natural, warm and timeless material , such as wood , emphasized by the elements decorative and functional round recurring, it combines harmoniously with the performing LivingTec, restoring expressiveness to an intimate and welcoming environment that always becomes living from a simple bathroom.

Tubs and sinks in a modern way

● The bathtub, an iconic element of the collection, is inspired by the shape of the metal tubs, reinterpreting the structures of the first tubs in a modern key late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The traditional feet are re-proposed in a spherical shape in wood.

● The design of the furniture with countertop washbasins, in single or double version, is inspired by the ancient washbasins, whose shapes are stripped to make them more current.

● Mirror, shelf and accessories reflect the colors, materials and formal elements that characterize the entire collection.

Materials and colors

● The walnut and the LivingTec colored give a modern spirit with a retro inspiration.

● The ability to combine colors such as ocher yellow, forest green, powder blue and butter white with walnut essence, allows you to creatively customize and the bathroom is sophisticated.