The Milan Design Week 2022 for Valcucine starts in May: because, for the Pordenone-based company, the FuoriSalone will be the culmination of a path to explain the meaning of the word sustainability

It is not easy for a brand like Valcucine , which deals with sustainability always with great seriousness, speak to your public about these issues in a historical moment in which the green (often greenwashing ) is on everyone's lips. “Because sustainability is something evening and complex to explain beyond the slogans”, explains Daniele Prosdocimo , Marketing Manager Valcucine. "The difficulty is finding common ground to communicate with our audiences: to inform thoroughly without trivializing".


It takes time to talk about sustainability

The common ground was found in a communication, built over time , to clarify the meaning of LEED certification : a certification relating to architecture to which the supply of furniture contributes and systems designed and built ad hoc: such as Valcucine kitchens.

It is in this key that the initiative of a few days ago (therefore almost two months after FuoriSalone 2022) to invite the specialized press to a in-depth brief , unrelated to product commercial communications, should be read: to explain the new approaches to sustainable building (with Alessio Mirabella, Sustainability Senior Consultant of Arup ), deepen the role of technology in the creation of sustainable architectures (with Laura Tiburzi, BIM Manager Mario Cucinella Architects ) and tell the meaning of the LEED mapping (with the Chief Program Officer of Habitech Laura Pighi).

Valcucine: events at FuoriSalone 2022

Sustainability beyond space and time , this is the title of the events FuoriSalone 2022 in Valcucine , will begin with an architecture tour (in physical mode on May 4th and then in virtual mode) to visit a selection of LEED buildings in Milan (Milan is one of the three European capitals with the highest number of certified buildings).

It will then continue, during the Milan Design Week proper, in the Valcucine Milano Brera showroom with the LE3DERS exhibition , curated by Archivibe, with the exhibition of architectural models from well-known international architecture firms such as 3XN, Craft, GCA, HENN, HPP, Rafael de la Hoz and Schmidt Hammer Lassen. Presented in 3D version, they can be viewed through an Augmented Reality experience to be lived through Instagram filters.

The new products will also be presented at the showroom, such as the new versions of Artematica and Riciclantica, shelving with integrated special elements, the repositioning of materials and finishes in the various products and a program of finishes for architecture.

"In 2016, there was a radical change in the approach to sustainable architecture", explains Daniele Prosdocimo , echoing the words of Alessio Mirabella from Arup and Laura Tiburzi from MC A.

"Before that date, architects and engineers focused on reducing the CO2 produced by the use of buildings. We have gone a long way. But now it is essential to also focus on 50% of the emissions that are produced during construction. All this has industry and manufacturing are brought back to the center: it is how the materials are processed and chosen that then enter the buildings that creates the value chain upstream. With Sustainability beyond space and time we will explain, in the most transparent and clear way possible, how Valcucine is part of this chain ".