During the recently concluded FuoriSalone in Milan, the two companies joined forces for an all-female design and creativity event that interprets and enhances the shapes of E1Prima, a candidate for the next Compasso d’Oro

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery, opened in 2018 and housed within the historic walls of Palazzo Broggi in Piazza Cordusio, has become part of the circuit of must-see places for all design enthusiasts who invaded Milan during the last FuoriSalone.

The location of over 2000 square meters represents a reinterpretation of the classic coffee roastery with visible machinery that stage the production and preparation process of the coffee.

Inspired by the capital of Lombardy thanks to the meticulous work of specialized local craftsmen, the space has colors, furnishings and materials, such as Palladian and marble, that are a clear homage to the city and Italian architecture and represents the ideal place to spend pleasant moments of conviviality and sharing in a tribute to the typical Italian tradition of the daily coffee ritual.

At the centre of the cafeteria, under the imposing mermaid, symbol of the American brand born over 50 years ago, the Creativity Re-Generation exhibition created on the occasion of Design Week has found space.

It’s project involving three female designers, very different in terms of generation, training and approach, who gave their own personal interpretation of the E1 Prima professional machine created by Victoria Arduino, historic brand of equipment for the coffee extraction owned by Simonelli Group.

Bloom is the name chosen for her work by Serena Confalonieri in a reference to the blooming phase, part of the coffee filtering process.

The designer, known for her works between product and graphic design, was inspired by the blossoming of flowers to symbolise the rebirth of people but also the virtuous rebirth given by recycling, since the 3D printing of the flowers used for the decoration was made with a material created by reusing regenerated coffee grounds.

With Piñata Coffee Break, the multifaceted Sara Ricciardi pursues her deeply aesthetic approach by imagining E1 Prima as the goddess of awakening, a figure that recalls the Inca mythology capable of transforming the morning coffee ritual into a moment between dream and wakefulness in which the drink turns into a real shower of energy.

Finally Chicco is a playful interpretation that transforms the coffee machine into a somewhat alien and messy character, but still very friendly with his wide open enameled copper eyes and giant ears.

A nice rascal who becomes part of our everyday life and refers precisely to the unconventional and visionary style of the well-known international designer Paola Navone (Otto Studio).

Technologically advanced, E1 Prima represents an elegant and sustainable design piece destined to make history.

The special Black out version, conceived by Giulio Cappellini as an alternation of glossy and matt finishes that enhance its rounded shapes, takes part in the XXVI Compasso d’Oro, the authoritative world design award, and, together with all the other candidate design products, will be part of a special exhibition set up at the ADI Museum from 20 June to 11 September.

The Salone del Mobile closed its doors and the Design Week also ended with it but all those who missed it have a chance to catch up: the three customized machines will remain on display at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan until 3 July.