The Milan Art Week is an opportunity to present Visionnaire's entry into the world of NFTs. And to talk about two new collections: Starlight and Mythica

Art, design, luxury. In three words, the guidelines of a brand that presented the highlights of 2022 in the Milanese showroom. A special space, which welcomes the public in the former Cinema Cavour with a scenographic setting for the Starlight capsule collection. Many news and previews of the next Salone del Mobile, the sixtieth also for Visionnaire.

Starlight: the capsule for metropolitan youth

Visionnaire defines itself as a meta-luxury brand. A neologism that accurately describes the approach of the art director Eleonore Cavalli, a business woman and also a lively patron high-end craftsmanship that leads to a thousand different projects. Let's start with the products.

The spot lights up on the Starlight collection, the protagonist of a setting with a nocturnal atmosphere. a real scenography showing a capsule collection dedicated to the youngest and most contemporary houses. "A series of soft and enveloping pieces", explains the art director.

A new typological direction, which, beyond the organic and cocoon shapes chosen by Fabio Bonfà, focuses on the compactness of sizes and volumes to adapt to urban environments. Starlight is a collection that thinks about every home environment: living areas, work spaces and places to rest.

Mythica: the return to the fair

"We are happy to go back to telling our philosophy of living at the fair", announced Eleonore Cavalli. And once again underlines the commitment to lower impact, witnessed by the entry into the group of B Corp companies. The opportunity is also excellent to announce the collection that will be protagonist of the Salone del Mobile in June 2022. The exhibition layout at the Salone will be based on a complex and at the same time organic project, which recounts the different domestic atmospheres of the collections in the catalog and of the new Mythica.

"A celebration of powerful rites newspapers", comments the art director. "A collection that transforms the home into a temple of living, in a space designed to give order to one's emotions". The designers called to express themselves on the theme of the new domestic mythology are Alessandro La Spada, Claudio Lipparini, Draga & amp; Aurel, m2atelier. To which two new entries are added this year: Studio Pepe and Marta Naddeo.

The winter garden, the atrium, the banquet, the boudoir and the oasis of the day are the symbolic spaces that will be inhabited "by unique but reproducible pieces, focused on low environmental impact, on research of materials, on sartorial care".

Jonathan Monaghan's NFTs

The Milanese Art Week and the Miart contemporary art fair are an opportunity to present the new NFT platform by Visionnaire. a project that resolutely tackles the new creative economy in search of cultural interference between material and digital. Three NFT teasers announcing the collaboration between Visionnaire and Jonathan Monaghan. The American artist, born in 1989, works on the relationship between sculpture and digital art. The physical work of art will be exhibited during the Salone del Mobile 2022.

For now, we need to "settle" for the three NFTs on the marketplace Foundation. “We did an educational job” explains Eleonore Cavalli ”. “The Visionnaire platform is a space in which to learn about and explore a new world linked to cryptocurrencies and digital marketplaces. Jonathan Monaghan's work is the result of a year and a half of reflection and research in this new artistic field”.

Jonathan Monaghan's work is inspired by the Apollo of the Belvedere, a sculpture preserved in the Vatican Museums, here interpreted as a symbol of the ideal of classical beauty projected towards the future.

Homo Faber: still art and culture in Visionnaire's projects

The Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship returns to Venice, on the island of San Giorgio, with the second edition of Homo Faber . Visionnaire was chosen by the curator Tapiwa Matsinde, who selected four projects for the installation of The artisan: a crafted tea room which investigates relationship between everyday life and those objects capable of arousing a sense of wonder during ordinary gestures, such as relaxing and drinking tea.

Homo Faber will be open from 10 April to 1 May: an opportunity to explore the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore and the architectural complex of the Giorgio Cini Foundation.