In a collaboration between the sculptor Laura Ellen Bacon and the designer/maker Sebastian Cox, the installation represents an original experiment that examines the versatile properties of American hardwoods: soft maple, cherry and red oak.

Along the Lines of Happiness is the follow up to The Invisible Store of Happiness, an installation shown during Clerkenwell Design Week 2015 in London. The Invisible Store of Happiness was a tribute to the joy of working with wood and the pleasure of doing it with one’s own hands.

To respond to the theme of Open Borders, this new structure, which is made with slats of solid wood, composed of a mathematical sequence of arches, joints, and tracks, has been opened, lengthened and enlarged to welcome visitors inside, and into the process of making.

On a workbench placed beside the structure, visitors see the spectacle of wood-steam bent, engineered, woven in strips. It is an open work in progress that communicates and shares the pleasures and wonders of creative craftsmanship as applied to wood.


Project: Laura Ellen Bacon and Sebastian Cox

Produced by Ahec – American Hardwood Export Council


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Along the Lines of Happiness
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Laura Ellen Bacon
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Sebastian Cox