Borders that tighten and close in reaction to geopolitical events in the world, in contrast with the burgeoning digital reality that takes man beyond his physical limts and projects him beyond the planet’s atmosphere.

The video installation symbolically expresses the paradox of increasing limitation of geographical boundaries, while digital boundaries rapidly expand.

Every day we generate 2.5 billion bytes of data. A mountain of items of information that can be intersected and analyzed to suggest unprecedented strategies and pathways.

Can careful interpretation of digital information open up new ideas for life, integrated with the migrations taking place on the planet? The challenge is how to organize the resources of Big Data, global policy and the civil society.

The project is made with a dedicated CSM (Content Management System) to monitor UN data on migratory movements, available online. The information has been processed with Unity (an integrated authoring program for the creation of 3D animations in real time) and with generative, algorithmic graphics.


Project Felice Limosani

Produced by East End Studios


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Digital Borders
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Felice Limosani, ph. Federico Cavicchioli