Inspired by the imagery of traditional oriental decorative panels, featuring mountains and clouds overlaid to generate effects of variable depth, the Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has interpreted the Open Borders theme by designing an “empathic landscape” (to translate the title), an interactive multisensorial path composed of open wall/panels made by layering different materials.

The site-specific installation invented by Urquiola for Cleaf, a leader in experimentation and production of surfaces for interior design, expresses her curiosity regarding the concept of the “unfinished”. The walls of the installation represent a density to cross and glimpse, fully illustrating the beauty of the production process, of the “how it’s made” rather than the finished product.

The panels, conceived as a sort of skin, are composed of layers of different materials produced by Cleaf, left intentionally open to bring out their hybrid nature. These layers create unexpected graphic landscapes. Different forms, colors and consistencies guide visitors through an unusual tactile and perceptive experience.

In this way, Patricia Urquiola invites us to discover a new age of materials, enhancing the versatile and complex charm of the artificial by means of new technologies.


Project Patricia Urquiola

Produced by Cleaf



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Empathic Fuukei
gallery gallery
Patricia Urquiola (ph. Alessandro Paderni - Studio Eye)