Matter, air, space, light. Dynamic, harmonious, floating, glowing forms. Figures that illustrate technological development reflected in the aesthetic dimension.

For FuoriSalone 2016 and Interni Open Borders, the architect Piero Lissoni interprets the Audi logo in installations located in emblematic places of the city of Milan: the area in front of Torre Velasca and Via Monte Napoleone.

The four rings, symbol of the Audi identity, become metal creatures growing on a natural surface that emit and receive light. They evoke the lightness and strength of the mysterious, futuristic objects of the artist Fausto Melotti.

Expressions of this apparent paradox, the sculptures – conceived to suggest research that leads to the essence of things, making them light and luminous – actually convey an idea of perfect balance. Micro-architectures that seen from above indicate the presence of Audi in the geography of the city.


Project: Lissoni Associati

Produced by Audi



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