Cosmos and chaos, body and mind, rule and exception, individual and community, natural and artificial: dualities that represent the open borderlines of human existence. A dialectical movement Massimo Iosa Ghini investigates in relation to the theme Open Borders, interpreting ceramic material for its dual value of pure abstract, impalpable, mental form and organic, primitive, physical form.

The installation by Iosa Ghini reproduces the volumes of two simple housing units, taken as a paradigm of the universal values of the human being. The ondulated surface on the outside, made with ceramic facings, bends and breaks, opening to the contamination and potential of a random process of reconfiguration. The chromatic and tactile variety of the products of Ceramiche Cerdisa permit the creation of a rich, vibrant pattern.

Inside, the pure volume has a reflecting surface of white tiles, suggesting a suspended, ethereal temporal dimension. The open border is thus the open space of contamination between opposites: inside and outside, individuality and the encounter with others.


Project: Massimo Iosa Ghini

Produced by Ceramiche Cerdisa

Lights: iGuzzini Illuminazione



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gallery gallery
Massimo Iosa Ghini (ph. Massimi Listri)