Throughout its evolution, Chinese crafts have offered the world objects of extraordinary beauty. Designer Chen Xiangjing has distilled their essence, identifying techniques, materials and methods capable of expressing continuity with the tradition, applied in a dimension of absolute modernity. At the same time, he has crossed the expressive codes and design languages that from an original matrix branch out into a more vast horizon.

He draws on the know-how of the productive macro-district of Guangzhou, where the art of cabinet making meets the art of lacquer, and crafts meet industry under the sign of environmental sustainability. In the two Metaphor installations, Chen Xiangjing illustrates the results of this confluence, inspired by ancestral wisdom: “Red lacquer requires no ornament, white jade requires no carving.”

A maxim that lies behind the choreographic staging of two seating collections: the first, in which red lacquer covers the straight and curved lines of chairs, armchairs and sofas, and the second which wood recycled from river boats meets partial lacquering in the white jade color. Design governs the entire process and the furnishings convey Zen philosophy in their concise, precious appearance.


Project: Chen Xiangjing

Produced by Jing Yi Zhi International Furniture Supply


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Chen Xiangjing