MyEquilibria is a project to encourage urban fitness, where design and high technology combine to create an innovative outdoor gym. It is the result of the work of a team coordinated by the designer and futurologist Vito Di Bari, and is designed for public parks, metropolitan areas and beaches, resorts, private villas, corporate and university campuses.

The central tree in the installation, the Leopard Tree, is the heart of MyEquilibria: 7 meters high, it can have up to 9 satellite islands, for simultaneous training use by up to 30 persons. The tree is the iconic central features that permits training with the use of the app MyEquilibria.

To make it, Metalco Group has applied innovative metal and cementbase materials.

Gian Luca Innocenzi, with 20 years of experience in the fitness sector, CEO of Metalco Active, the company that has produced MyEquilibria, was inspired by studies on trends and the evolution of the sector, which point to outdoor sporting activities and a type of training that puts the body and its movement at the crux of exercises, exploiting the body’s weight.

The philosophy of MyEquilibria is summed up in the name: ‘My’ is the personal perception of physique, while ‘Equilibria’ is the pursuit of balance between body, mind and spirit.


Project: Vito di Bari

Produced by Metalco Active

Setup project and accessories: Raffaele Lazzari, Alfredo and Massimo Tasca



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My Equilibria, The Wellness Park
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Vito Di Bari