Extreme climate conditions caused by global warming represent a threat for the future of outdoor public areas. As temperatures rise, discomfort in urban settings will discourage people from living and spending time in places without air conditioning.

This will lead to an increase of air conditioned spaces and greater demand for energy. The upcoming challenge will be to develop solutions to provide widespread comfort in outdoor areas, while minimizing energy costs.

Pick Your Climate is a project that illustrates the possibility of inverting climate change in cities. Based on research conducted at Stanford University on nanotechnologies, this installation sets out to demonstrate how new photonic membranes that reflect solar radiation could contribute to reduce the temperature in our cities, without added costs or water consumption.

A project at the crossroads of design, architecture and science, whose purpose is to increase awareness of possible strategies to approach climate change. The installation offers three different examples of climate modification options, i.e. Greenhouse, Coolhouse and Treehouse.


Project: Carlo Ratti Associati and Transsolar

Project: Carlo Ratti Associati (Carlo Ratti, Giovanni de Niederhausern, Andrea Galanti, Andrea Galli, Chiara Borghi), and Transsolar ( Elmira Reisi, Joshua Vanwyck)

Structures: FGM (Fabrizio Milani)

Layout: Kibox


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Pick Your Climate
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