“The exhibition is the result of Patrizia Moroso’s desire to celebrate a path that began over 20 years ago, when I photographed the first products Ron Arad designed for Moroso, the Spring Collection,” says the photographer Tom Vack.

The exhibition includes about 20 photos on a scale of 1:1 shot by Tom Vack of products designed over the years by Ron Arad for Moroso. The images, on self-supporting iron structures, are printed on elastic sheets and mounted on aluminium frames, or imprinted on plexiglass with the addition of a reflecting film.

The pictures are joined by a number of emblematic products created by Ron Arad for Moroso. The installation designed by the architect Ester Pirotta develops in chronological order and features the use of red tubing as a fil rouge of the narration, forming a sort of timeline.

The Open Borders theme is expressed by the fervid experimentation shared by all the protagonists: Tom Vack with light and photography, Ron Arad with his creative intelligence, Moroso with its iconic and pioneering collections. Spokespersons of great freedom of design and expression, breaking down the borders of individual disciplines.


Exhibition Ron Tom Tom: Ron Arad + Tom Vack

Project Tom Vack e Ester Pirrotta

Produced by Moroso


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Ron Tom Tom: Ron Arad + Tom Vack
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Ron Arada (ph. Larry Dunstan)
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Tom Vack
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Ester Pirrotta