For thousands of years man was driven by the desire to explore, to discover, to go beyond borders. Out of curiosity, thirst for knowledge, or just the desire for a change of scenery…

Light is itself a source of passage: an ineffable tool to get beyond a boundary, that of darkness, illuminated by its vital and creative force. For centuries the greatest architects have designed temples, monuments and palaces in terms of light: to honor it as a source of energy and rebirth, but also to harness its power.

For over 50 years Leucos has explored the dialogue between light and matter, not just through the interpretation of glass, but also by investigating the new frontiers of design with unusual materials and increasingly advanced light sources.

With The Great JJ (the oversized version of the timeless table lamp with springadjustable arm), Leucos breaks the patterns: the large size accentuates the rigorous iconic design, making the lamp a protagonist in any space. A leap of scale that plays with the effect of disorientation felt by those who approach and feel like Lilliputians in the world of Gulliver.

The luminous installation by Leucos underlines the useful virtues and the various possible interpretations of this hyperbolic lamp.


Luminous installation produced by Leucos

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The Great JJ