Untaggable Future, Audi‘s laboratory of ideas on the occasion of FuoriSalone, opened yesterday in the Torre Velasca, with the first of the four meetings scheduled, called Untaggable People.

This year the main theme “gathers the experiences of some ‘untaggable’ people of our time, who cannot be labeled and come from different walks of life”, said Fabrizio Longo, Audi Italia brand director, in his presentation “since this appears to be a necessary virtue to face the future”.

Gilda Bojardi, Interni editor-in-chief, then announced competition ‘Velasca Progetto Design – Idee sotto la Torre (Velasca Design Project – Ideas under the Tower)’, launched by UnipoSai, with the participation of Milan schools that will design new furniture (the award will be given on 30 June).

Massimo Russo, co-editor-in-chief of La Stampa, subsequently delivered the first presentation, and said that the untaggables who have been invited have shown a special ability to adapt to change, or rather, they are continuously changing.

This value was highlighted also by the first guest, sociologist Francesco Morace, who said that the uniqueness of people and the ability to have relationships with everybody are rewarded in our time, more than the fact of belonging to a group.

He was followed by Guido Guerzoni, professor at Bocconi and a tatoo expert, who defined some qualities of the untaggables, like curiosity and a love for what they are doing, no matter what it is.

This quality was well interpreted by Marcelo Burlon, another guest, beloved by teenagers for his tribal fashion collection; Burlon said that his success story is based on his ability to re-invent himself and to establish relationships.

The meeting came to an end with a panel discussion between Carlo Freccero, member of the Board of RAI, YouTube comedian Daniele Doesn’t Matter and Giovanni Perosino, head of marketing communication at Audi, who said that cars will help us get back some time by taking our place behind the wheel, thus creating the 25th hour of the day, one hour we can use for our passions.

Text Antonella Galli – Photos by Efrem Raimondi