Three pleasant hours were spent focusing on environmental sustainability in the Radura installation, made by Stefano Boeri Architetti in the middle of the Cortile della Farmacia, during the Voices from Radura event, a series of meetings organized by EasyHome Goho.

Architect Stefano Boeri hosted the event and described the genesis of his installation. “The dove has always been the symbol of the University, therefore I conceived a big aviary, a careful project to get the best out of this space. Then a nest, with a transparent perimeter. The final result is Radura (Clearing), an intimate and private space”.

350 columns of wood coming from Friuli, a structure that tells the story of an Italian region and a similarly important story of sustainability. Music marks the difference between inner and outer space: four tracks composed by musician Ferdinando Arnò and this courtyard is used as a sound box and becomes a relaxing and rejuvenating place.

Michele Morgante (Innova FVG) and Matteo Marsilio (Filiera Legno FVG) talked about relaxation and rejuvenation as well, and described the activities of the two institutions they represent: the former deals with research, focused on the development of mountain areas in Friuli, while the latter is a consortium of companies that process Friuli timber from the forest to the end product.

According to them, environmental sustainability is a core value for the development and the growth of planet earth, just like biodiversity. These two values are present in many projects by Stefano Boeri and have been shared by all those who contributed to Radura.

In an ideal sequence, landscape and environment enhancement was the theme tackled by Marco Giachetti’s presentation (Fondazione Sviluppo Ca’ Granda), who described the activities of the Foundation that manages 85 million square meters of agricultural land, with more than one hundred farmhouses and two thousand properties. This enhancement combines historic and artistic assets with the development of the forestry, food and agriculture systems with respect to food safety and quality.

This journey in sustainability and biodiversity was completed by the students of the urban planning programme at Politecnico di Milano (held by Professors Stefano Boeri and Michele Brunello)

They focused on the Milan Animal City project (city and biodiversity, relationships between humans, plants and animals in the difficult context of contemporary cities) with reference to the experience of Waiting Posthuman “a research platform on posthuman, to redefine the concept of human being”, according to the words of philosopher Leonardo Caffo who presented the main lines of the projects. A human being who does not only represents forms of life, but attempts to restructure forms of life such as arts, architecture, and music.

Text by Danilo Signorello – Photos by Efrem Raimondi


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