illy honors beauty and innovation with an exhibition: 80 years after the model was introduced, the company focuses on the illetta, the forerunner of today’s professional espresso machines and the historic symbol of illy’s vocation for innovation and technology.

Furthermore, to celebrate the 20th birthday of the first X.1 – the coffee machine for the home that reflects the company’s interest in art and new forms of design – illy presents a preview of the X.1 Anniversary Edition, the model that combines shared features of these two emblematic creations, representing a step forward in the cultural revolution connected with the world of coffee.

The installation stands out for the anamorphic effect created by the columns –white and red on one side, white and black on the other – in the midst of which one encounters the display of the X.1 Anniversary Edition. Observing the installation from the outside, visitors see the profiles of the logos of the illy brand over the years.

The center of the space hosts the illetta, the pioneering machine invented by the founder of the company Francesco Illy. Beside it, the X.1 Anniversary Edition machines display the characteristic pressure gauge that reproduces the historic illy logo. The machines also provide visitors with a taste of the fine illy blend.


Curator Carlo Bach (Born in Cologne in 1967, he is art director of illycaffè and has organized many exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Since 1999 he has been in charge of illycaffè art projects. This company has chosen creativity as the language to express its values and philosophy).

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X.1: the Story of a Family Passion
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Carlo Bach