Automotive and interior design have a shared pursuit of creativity, technology and original applications. Design is the fil rouge between these two worlds. The technical avant-garde of infotainment technologies and driving assistance of Audi finds its parallel in the material developed by Alcantara for this partnership.

In the corner lounges designed by the company with three creative minds (Ross Lovegrove, Ilaria Colombo and Arturo Tedeschi) for Audi City Lab, the charm of the technology of the two brands meets with original reinterpretation of the furnishings supplied by Moroso.

The Diatom chairs designed by Ross Lovegrove, with an aluminium base, have a central cushion inspired by the seats of sports cars. The particular pleated Alcantara® cover has special optical fiber embroidery (Dreamlux) that suggests the gravitational waves and magnetic fields that govern the universe.

The optical fibers applied to the material give the seats a futuristic look, expressing the encounter between art and advanced technology. In the Lowseat modular sofas designed by Patricia Urquiola the covering in Alcantara® with embroidered optical fibers breaks up the linear look of the seats, echoing the sinuous lines of the outer design of Audi cars, and the typical studies of aerodynamics in wind tunnels.

Produced by Alcantara with Moroso


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Ross Lovegrove
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Ilaria Colombo
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Arturo Tedeschi


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