A minimum gesture, but on a large scale, brings out the extraordinary quality of the Renaissance proportions of the courtyard and gives the space an imaginative dimension. Augmented Surface by the studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel presents the porcelain stoneware of Marazzi, a product with an innovative surface treatment prepared for the occasion.

Through a theatrical device of mirrored wings, the courtyard seems to be doubled to form two settings, though half of it has not been altered. This optical illusion constructs a perfectly symmetrical architectural interior decorated by the visual and chromatic richness of the stoneware sheets placed on the wall of the portico and on the ground.

Augmented Surface is composed of mirror panels with a height of six meters and stoneware sheets, with a source of lighting from below. The stoneware, in the 150x75cm format, has been printed sheet by sheet to obtain the final image, like a large mosaic. Besides the research to achieve the desired surface effects, the challenge for the architects and Marazzi was to produce hundreds of different sheets starting with hundreds of print files.

Augmented Surface celebrates the material essence and performance of porcelain stoneware, which is easy to manipulate, for creative surface finishes, with qualities no other engineered material is able to reproduce.

Produced by Marazzi

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