In a digital world where global sharing via web and social media seems to threaten the value of the private sphere, with the dematerialization and circulation of personal data, the right to privacy of individuals seems to be at risk. Design has the job of finding remedies.

The result is Ego, a digital device with the archetypal form of a shell, capable of organizing and storing personal memories and information offline.

Ego wants to express the origin and uniqueness of every individual. The co-founder of the EGO brand, Marco Rossi, and the designer Roberto Piasco have created an installation that brings out the symbolism in this particular technological device.

Ego Black All is a sort of metal cage that reproduces the egg form of Ego on a larger scale and protects the material object, which in turn protects the immaterial substance of memory. The metal cage brings out the beauty of the device while preventing people for taking possession of its physical manifestation.

From the large scale to the small scale, as in a game of nested boxes, the attention shifts from the cage to the object, which thanks to the special absolute black finish can absorb almost all the light waves.

Produced by Ego
Lighting: Tala

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Marco Rossi
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Roberto Piasco