Eleven projects transfer the history and culture of hemp into innovative solutions spanning design, digital technologies and new fabrication processes. An immaterial tradition, that of hemp, rediscovered and revitalized thanks to the activities of the Hemp Museum of Sant’Anatolia di Narco, in Valnerina, an advanced production center for the cultivation and weaving of the material.

The prototypes of Fabric-Action illustrate unexpected uses for the material, as in the field of musical instruments.

The antibacterial properties of hemp lead to the creation of a cradle (Paidia) and an air purifier (Soft), while a hammock (Kinesis) takes advantage of the mechanical performance of three different hemp-based materials.

The sound absorbing properties of the fabrics are translated into a system of panels (Ssshhh).

The Delta9 skateboard using a composite of hemp biomass and clay, while Agri-Hemp, the modular system for domestic cultivation, presents a semifinished product obtained by thermoforming of the fabric.

The gastronomic experience CanapÈ and the Sohat garment collection are more conceptual, along with the Napaca kit on the use of hemp.

Promoted by Regione Umbria, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano
Developed by Polifactory with Hemp Museum of Sant’Anatolia di Narco and Ghénos Communication

With the support of Design Lab System – Dipartimento di Design Politecnico di Milano and CMF Greentech

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