Just as nature creates and transforms material, so innovative technology gives rise to a material of remarkable quality made with bamboo. Toshiyuki Kita combines nature and technology through design and presents, in a worldwide preview, this technology applied to a collection of furniture.

The new Japanese process – patent pending – crushes and flattens the curved cross-section of bamboo, transforming it into flat pieces that conserve the characteristic knots and surface fibers. With Japanese bamboo it is possible to obtain pieces with a width of 70-100 mm, up to 2 meters in length.

The Shukoh furniture collection consists of a stool and a chair with back, that demonstrate the elasticity and strength of the material, and a table that displays the slimness of the material’s volume.

Flat Bambu Shimane not only uses a plant capable of growing back in just four years without replanting, which during its growth absorbs up to 16 times more CO2; it also encourages good forestry practices of controlled growth; without the harvesting of some of the bamboo plants that would make the terrain unstable, it would not be possible to restore a natural balance and to safeguard the ecosystem.

Produced by Shukoh

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