Massimo Iosa Ghini approaches the ancient theme of the dualism between material and immaterial with an installation made of ceramics and light. The former, as earth shaped by fire, is the paradigm of materiality; the latter is the symbol of impalpable thought.

The passage from matter to light is expressed by the juxtaposition between the abstract beauty of light and the ‘earthy’ and concrete essence of pottery. In the dualism of light and matter lies the genesis of all creation.

The installation I-M-Material is composed of a large octagon that can be walked through, with a reflecting support on which to hang ceramic sheets from the new collections of Ceramiche Cerdisa, that establish a relationship with the context of the Cortile dei Bagni.

The historical site – archaic, settled, layered – is an integral part of the tension between opposites: it represents the past, the “ruin,” as opposed to the present, freshly worked materials. The ceramics are the new, the result of technology, but at the same time they share the DNA of the ruins on which they stand.

The sheets come alive with the movement of visitors, while the light enhances the materic qualities, contributing to make this small work of architecture new and immaterial.

Realizzazione: Ceramiche Cerdisa
con Tedeschi, Extravega Milano Architectural Fabrications
Luci iGuzzini Illuminazione, Leucos


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