A futuristic dream world that springs from organic, threedimensional and modular forms: Mac Stopa, once again this year, brings his stylistic approach to the press office of Interni, experimenting with new materials and finishes applied to walls and floors.

Games of geometry enhance the reception counter and the furnishings, taking visitors into a virtual and immaterial dimension and challenging the physical perception of the place.

The press office has two areas: the blue room of the reception and the yellow room, a space for work, with soft ottomans, chairs, tables and a cafe area. For the installation Stopa has created carpeting (M2 Carpets) and custom furnishings, while also using standard elements like the Tauko chairs and tables and the prize-winning ottoman Tapa, produced by Nowy Styl Group.

The tables and ottomans are based on concepts of modular design. The reception and cafe areas are done in glass, produced by Casali, and their mirror-finish parts dematerialize the surface. The futuristic effect is completed by wallpaper with three-dimensional patterns designed by Stopa for A.S. Création Tapeten, increasing the optical sensation and sense of depth of the space.

Con Casali, A.S. Création Tapeten, M2 Carpets, Nowy Styl Group, Panasonic
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