A giant lipstick soars inside the Cortile d’Onore, in an evocative off-scale game. Two lipstick caps lie on the ground like monoliths, suggesting the columns of an ancient temple.

The character of the surface stands out: a studded covering, unusual in the packaging of make-up, which when reproduced on a large scale reminds us of the ashlar work on the facades of italian renaissance buildings.

The London-based studio Another Space interprets the Studded Kiss lipstick of designer and tattoo artist Kat Von D, proposing an unusual, engaging experience of the brand.

The sculpture forms a setting for interactive activities to create a dialogue between visitors and the installation. An experience that starts with the initial impact of the materic substance of the work, and gradually transforms into an interaction, immaterial itinerary.

Produced by Sephora – Kat Von D


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Kat Von D
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