Le Gigantesse (The Giantesses) are courtly female figures draped in yellow and blue, crystallizations of images of memory, in a dream itinerary that starts from the sculptures of a Greek temple and extends to pop screen prints.

The figures overlook the portals of the Cortile d’Onore, and with a long train guide visitors towards the Scaloni d’Onore. The four macro-dresses are positioned symmetrically with respect to the two Renaissance portals and visually replace the pilaster strips of the arcades, putting the accent on the classical roots of the host architecture.

The dresses stand out for their sober elegance and geometric design, in a harmonious relationship with feminine forms. The Giantesses reinterpret, on a scale of 2:1, the Matrigna dress, one of the most representative creations of the brand Labo.Art.

They are made in cotton jersey, a characteristic of the brand’s style, dyed in the tones “royal blue” and “lemon,” in reference to the spring/summer and fall/winter collections for 2017/18.

The installation, designed by Ludovica Diligu and made in collaboration with the architect and urban designer Simona Stortone and the set designer, visual and multimedia artist Michelangelo Mazzari, calls for the construction of a three-dimensional core in expanded material to support the form of the dresses.

Produced by Labo.Art


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Ludovica Diligu