Forms exist as an oscillation between material and immaterial. They reveal the physical essence of the project and the abstract dimension of the thinking of the designer. The choice of materials plays an important role in the expression of this dual nature of design. Wood, an ancient, warm, appealing material, can be reinvented in surprising ways.

As in Pergola, an open garden architecture, a cheerful summer structure for shelter from the sun, a place for conversation, a stage on which to act, sing and play. The material is flooring wood, made with very new printing techniques, measurements and colors to create surfaces with different, lively decorative patterns.

The installation interprets the know-how of the Chinese brand Elegant Living, a leading producer of indoor flooring. The base of Pergola is a grouping of parallelepipeds and steps of different sizes and heights, contained in a square measuring six meters on each side.

The platforms are covered in different types of wood with various decorations, created for the occasion by Alessandro e Francesco Mendini. Aluminium tubes and crosspieces emerge from the lateral parallelepipeds, covered with plastic garlands to form the structure of a pergola. Project in collaboration with Alex Mocika.

Realizzazione: Elegant Living con Way

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