An iconic and engaging installation, Reframe is an empty, almost sacred place that prompts visitors to come into contact with their own inner life, fragmented by the frenetic rhythms of the contemporary world.

The installation is like a stage for the display of the flush plates by Simone Micheli for Valsir, a leader in the plumbing and heating sector. The compact but open volume welcomes people into a space on the boundary between material and immaterial.

While on the outside Reframe seems pale, with decisive lines thanks to the use of modular panels of honeycomb polycarbonate, inside it reveals an experience for the senses. On the long sides, the Valsir flush plates can be touched to release sounds like those of water, strange vocals and aromas.

The ceiling, floor and back wall are covered in decorative laminates with images of flowing water. Finally, walking around the totem it is possible to discover a small Dada-like installation that displays the full structure of the Valsir products.

Produced by Valsir con Abet Laminati, dott.gallina, I Profumatori, Microdevice, Tutondo, Vetreria Malagoli
Luci iGuzzini Illuminazione

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