Music is a physical but elusive presence, grasped only by means of the sensations it prompts in listeners. exploring the relationship between man and music, sound designer Yuri Suzuki conducts complex artistic research.

Sonic Pendulum is an installation on the interaction between man and artificial intelligence, which generates a musical soundtrack. The system is composed of a series of sound sources and software that creates a continuously flowing sonic backdrop, calm and relaxing.

The algorithm processes the sounds and interferences from the surrounding space and the visitors. The result is a sound composition in continuous evolution, always different, in constant interaction with the visitors.

Sonic Pendulum is a sort of conversation with the audience, a way of staging the relationship between generated sound and the way people move in space. It is a fluid creative process that encourages visitors to concentrate and meditate, allowing them to escape the din of the FuoriSalone for a moment.

With its artificial intelligence, Sonic Pendulum translates the advanced technological spirit of Audi into a creative work.

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