While it is usually man that observes the work of art, in the installation Spyre it is the sculpture that observes us, with its digital eye, spying on us, to express a personal vision of the world. Made in collaboration with illy, the work is composed of five tubular parts in Corten, with a video camera at the top to record and project images in real time, like a sort of Big Brother.

Spyre is an inanimate being that comes to life and puts constructed space into a new light, staging the surveillance and tracking of people through digital technologies.

The installation changes its perspective with respect to the architectural context, while the form suggests free interpretations.

Spyre is a tribute to the materic qualities of Corten steel, and expresses the functional and aesthetic research on raw materials typical of the design of Ron Arad. After London, the installation comes to Milan to launch the collaboration of Ron Arad with illy, for which the designer has created the new cup in the illy Art Collection.

With its oxidized texture and color, Spyre reflects the essence of coffee that comes from the grinding of beans without any other treatments.

Produced by illy with Tecnovision

Watch the video:


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