The installation by Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT seeks to question the validity of the current relationship between wood consumption and fashion. In other words, how the cultural dimension on tangible choices regarding material production and environmental impact.

The work is composed of a series of precise interventions on the portals of the hall of the Aula Magna that enclose reflecting surfaces, hidden seats, benches and tables to push, pull and adjust, inviting discovery.

Mirroring the way in which the statues in terracotta enliven the interior facades of the Renaissance architecture of Filarete, visitors become an integral part of this installation when they interact with it, completing the piece.

The panels and fine piece of furniture, made by Benchmark, illustrate the transformation of logs and planks of wood into finely crafted objects. Too Good to Waste is made using four beautiful and overlooked American hardwood species – red oak, maple, cherry and tulipwood – which are rarely found in homes or furniture stores in Europe.

These versatile and sustainable hardwoods are growing abundantly in the forests, making them a precious resource for the production of material, and the storage of carbon dioxide.

Produced by Ahec – American Hardwood Export Council with Benchmark

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Benedetta Tagliabue (ph. Vicens Gimenez) - Digital. Barcelona 02/07/14 -Benedetta Tagliabue, arquitecta, fotografiada en su estudio de Barcelona (c) Vicens Gimenez


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