Virtual reality technologies provide an almost tangible experience of architectural design, producing unexpected ways of visualizing the contemporary city. “Urban Up-Milan Virtual Experience” presents a journey through five important real estate projects of Gruppo Unipol now in progress in Milan.

At Via Pantano 26, on the ground floor of Ca’ Litta, one of the group’s main assets now in a phase of renovation (Vittorio Grassi Architetto & Partners), you can walk through a Milan never seen before, interacting with the surroundings, selecting videos, activating infographics and experiencing architecture in virtual reality. This engaging experience represents a phase of innovation in the field of marketing, as a new language for the communication of real estate offerings.

On the facade of Via De Castillia 23, the building of Gruppo Unipol now in a phase of refurbishing (Progetto CMR), a large screen of 26×19 meters presents “Live the City,” a video made by Urban Up in collaboration with Interni: an invitation to discover and experience the city of Milan during the FuoriSalone from many vantage points. The exhibition and video have been produced together with Proxima Milano, a company of reference in the field of special effects and virtual reality.

Realizzazione: Gruppo Unipol

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